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Podcast interviews of people who have learned to Thrive with a Disability We explore how they got thru the abyss of a disability and the lessons they learned on the way.

Nancy Bauser: “Recovery [from traumatic Brain Injury] is not only making progress. It’s taking one step.”

Nancy suffered a head injury in 1971and another last November. She demonstrates how people recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries must live. Thus rather than a conversation this podcast is a presentation Nancy has prepared for a Service Providers Conference in August…

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) is not new. They are the signature injuries of the current wars. There they are the result of explosive blasts. In civilian life they used to result from auto crashes. Now with the use of seat belts, they commonly result from head injuries occurring in abusive situations or sports.

TBI’s are classified by several scales. The easiest scale ranges from mild, thru moderate to severe. The mildest form is also called a concussion.

After her injury in 1971, Nancy returned to college and earned an MSW. She has won several awards for her work with others recovering from Traumatic Brain injuries.

Over the years she thrived, and struggled and survived. Although she earned an advanced degree, she could not function in the mainstream. She was unaware of her social deficits. She tells how she learned ways to function better in social situations.

Now she is a Disability Life coach. She focuses upon fellow suffers from Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Her conclusions of how to live with her disability can serve us well.

In this interview she shared three lessons she has learned:

  1. Choose to work on 1 goal at a time. This way you can put many small steps together into one large triumph.
  2. Choose different role models so you can try new things
  3. Believe in yourself.

She mentioned a handout: Thoughts to Remember

These are statements that I quietly say to myself all of the time. This first statement is at the core of all those that follow. It is;

  1. I believe in me & whatever it takes, eventually I will do it!
  2. Failure is Not an Option.
  3. Survivors Don’t Quit Trying to improve their lives.
  4. Take One Step at a Time
  5. Complete each & every task before moving on to another.

She has an upcoming book, “Accept, thrive and survive: a guide for caregivers and survivors”

You can learn more by visiting her website

David Hilfiker: Physician’s Depression healed by his Patients

We physicians often suffer from Depression. We find it difficult to follow the admonishment, “Physician, heal thy self”. More often it is others who help us heal. David Hilfiker found that by being more open with his patients and others much of the struggles he had in life healed.

He has blogged about much of this at his website

Thomas Gates, Back from near death experience

At age 22 Thomas Gates went thru a near death experience after his appendix ruptured. He talks about this and the spiritual truths discovered as a result.

About 14 years later he discovered that he could see into people’s body’s and heal them. He talks about his gift of “Spectrum Healing”.

You can learn more about Thomas’s amazing story at

Kathleen Murray, You can recover from Panic attacks

Panic Attacks disabled Kathleen Murray after she moved to a small town. Self-help and several professionals failed to help her. Thence discovered how to face them and recovered.

In the process of recovering she found four Keys to get past the panic. She talks about them in this podcast but tells more in her book, “4 keys to Happiness” which you can download here.

The process of getting your life back on track is like cleaning out your junk closet. There is so much stuff that you can easily get overwhelmed with the mess, but when you are finished it is so much better.

We expanded on the Spiritual aspects of her recovery and The Law of Attraction. Two books that helped her were May Ann Williamson’s “A Return to Love” and Pam Grout’s, “E squared.

Three years to Achieve Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) after seven years of Misery for Teresa

It took three years for Teresa to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). After struggling for seven years she finally began to recover.

She tells what changed in her life and how she fully recovered from CFS. She reveals some of the reasons she became ill and how she stays well now.

She found herself Trapped in the Disability Abyss. With much effort and assistance she escaped it. There were many things that kept her trapped. One of the things that freed her was meditation. When you sign up for a FREE consultation and put in “Disability Freedom” you will get the meditation that helped her heal and ways well

She found ways to overcome the other things too. You can learn more in her free eBook, “The Top 10 Ways We Sabotage Our Health and Recovery”

Now, as a health coach Teresa passionately helps others recover from similar disabling conditions. Visit her site to sign up for a FREE consultation.

Lianne Soller, “It all happened for a reason”

Lianne tells her story of how surgery for a not so Benign Tumor changed her life. The surgery almost prevented her from graduating from high school. Her struggle to recover changed her college experience and led her first into epidemiology and then into health coaching. She bridged the two by doing research into food allergies. She shares the joy of being a health coach and wishes that she had known about them during her struggles.

You can learn more about her at and take her 5 day cleansing challenge. Or visit her on Facebook

Overcoming Irritable Bowel Disease with Margaret LeDane

Health and Nutrition coach Margaret LeDane tells how she overcame 40 years of digestive problems and eczema. Her physicians had given up on her, writing her digestive problems off as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. When Margaret decided to try the diet changes she was learning about as a nutrition coach she finally got relief.

Now she helps people lose weight to control diabetes and inflammatory disease like Eczema. She starts her clients on a 10 day detox program and then works with them to reach their goals. Each person is different and individualized consultation works best.

She can be contacted by clicking here

How to deal with a Disability in a Marriage with Ana Loiselle

Relationship coach Ana Loiselle talks about how an illness or disability affects a marriage and how to cope. We explore what sorts of situations arise in a marriage when a chronic illness or disability occurs. This can be with a parent of an adult child or a marriage partner.

We also explore how the brain can be retrained to learn new habits. She uses a method called Habit Coaching.

She offers an 8 week onlne course to strighten relationships.For more information r to sign up for her 8 week course click here.

David Shadbolt the benefits of overcoming addiction and depression

To overcome his alcohol addiction he had to address the emotional and spiritual wounds of his adolescence. This led him to deeper spirituality. He talks about the cost of a relapse. When he asked God to take his addiction he became free of it. He now benefits from 30 years of sobriety.

Once sober, he found he also suffered from depression. Since about age 10, he lived with a low level of depression. He lived with a glass half full. He drank to laugh. To overcome this, he used professional help.

He and his team now help midlife and older adults achieve peak fitness. Not just physical but mental and spiritual fitness as well. The team includes a nutritionist and hypnotherapist. Much of it is online, check them out at

Brandt Morgan – Chronic Lyme Complex – live in the moment

“I am going to live the best possible life I can today.”

Life coach and guide Brandt Morgan contracted Lyme disease from a tick bite while in France. Thru years of struggle he found that in helping others and sharing his journey, he had a reason to live. He found ways to live with chronic pain. He now has meaning in the moment and knows that “this too will pass”.

He talks about the spiritual understanding that he has gained from living with Lyme disease. He continues to lead tours and conduct workshops you can learn more at his website

Or read his books;

Vision Walk and The Five Agreements Game