Meet Coach Dr. Dave

When I joined the ranks of the disabled my eyes were opened. Like many who become disabled I realized that the medical system is not set up to heal what ails us. As a practicing physician I often pondered what I was really doing. I felt a tension between the science I was trained to deliver and the needs of my patients. As an internist I was equipped to cure disease and control conditions. When I did Geriatrics (the care of the elderly) the goal became optimal function.

Many of my patients suffer from things outside of my training. The interplay between the physical and the emotional was well recognized but compartmentalized. But the emotional was often the result of society and other social factors.

My journey into Life Coaching opened my eyes to the fact that we are spiritual beings living in a physical reality. As children we learn how to take care of our physical bodies. As teams we begin the process of living with other people. Adulthood thrusts upon us various roles and responsibilities. We struggle to master these tasks. Coaches and other mentors are trained to help us with these lessons.

Finally mystical spirituality gives us a way to understand these lessons. None of us can master them and each must journey at our own pace.

Now as a life Coach I see disability as a call to address life in new ways. Some of the old ways continue to serve us but much no longer works. We feel like we have fallen into an abyss. Those who have found themselves in that abyss can show us ways out. Each of us will need to choose which way is right for us when. That is how life coaching works.

Life coaches do not prescribe but help you find your own way out. Then they accompany you on your journey. There will be many challenges and lessons to be learned. It is easy to slip back into that abyss.

It gives me great pleasure to put the current neural science and spirituality to work for my clients. When I can envision why something works or doesn’t I can be confident that all we need to do is find a way to apply it to your life.

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