Stop don’t make New Year’s Resolutions!

That’s right don’t make New Year’s Resolutions that you know you will break before the month is over. We all have things we want to change, but resolutions are not the way. We all know that a lot of resolutions are made, few of which have any chance of happening. If you really want to make a change then you will have to plot a revolution. So, if you want to make change plot a revolution.

Revolutions take a lot of work. They start simply enough with people realizing that a change needs to occur. We know there are changes we should make in our lives. How many of them are worth the effort to do the work to actually create a change in your life?  What would your life be like if that change happened?

We all want to control our weight. What would it take to control your weight? For me it is to change my compulsion to eat when food is around. Since New Years we have had a lot of extra food left over from a party New Year’s Eve. Every time I walk past the dining room table I grab something to nibble on. Tonight to slake my thirst I finished the egg nog; water would have been better. Thus to lose weight I must change the way I respond to the sight of food.

Changing the way I respond to food requires a lot of work. The simplest would be to create ways to avoid seeing the foods. I put the box of triscuits in the cabinet.  I could try reprograming my brain with affirmations. If that fails I could go to some exploration of the history of food in my life. Why does food, or at least certain foods, have such an attraction for me?

Which of the New Year’s Resolutions you made are you’re ready to make happen? Are you ready to make a Revolution in your life?  Do you need help plotting your New Year’s Revolution? A coach might be the person to help you plot and implement your revolution.

As All Ways, Seek Joy,

Coach Dr. Dave

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