The Old Gray Mare

Sometimes I feel like that, “Old Gray Mare”, not what I used to be.  I know I have done lots in my life, but I often think of myself as being about 30, never mind that my sons are both over that age.  Then I realize that there are many things I did not know when I was 30.

While some might try to put a positive spin on getting older by saying things like, “Older, but Wiser,” I am not always sure of the latter part. I just pitched an idea for disability coaching product, at a conference and it bombed. Only one or two people out of a room of about 250 liked it.  However, they were really enthusiastic.

Over these holidays we see many people we have not seen for some time. They too are not what they used to be. Children are bigger and more mature. Their parents too have changed. They seem more capable of doing their adult tasks. Some adults may be stepping aside and letting others do the work. Is the family gathering still hosted by the parents of the clan?  Then there are those who should have stepped aside and don’t. The cook that forgets to turn on the oven. The dropped food or forgotten name. These we try to overlook but can’t.

As we change is it for the better or worse? Perhaps, it just is.

As we pause to reflect in this hectic time of year may we find what really matters, our love for each other.

What are your thoughts on how people grow and change?

As Al Ways, Seek Joy,

Coach Dr. Dave

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