Your Doctor Won’t Cure you

Ever wonder why doctors don’t talk about curing their patients? No it is not that is an ethical to advertise that you cured somebody. No it is not that they are afraid of setting themselves up for a malpractice suit. When I practiced medicine I couldn’t cure the patients. It is not that we don’t know what will cure you. D

Western medicine works on the model of disease. We believe that what makes you ill is a disease. We can give you an antibiotic to kill the bacteria that is giving you a pneumonia. We can cut out the cancer. However in both cases your body will have to clean up the mess. What the doctor did allow your body to heal itself. Together Western medicine and the patient affects the cure.

Why then do alternative medicines often talk about curing you? Alternative forms of medicine see illness differently. They see illness as the result of the body’s inability to fight disease. Chiropractic medicine sees the body as being out of alignment. Acupuncture sees the body is needing to focus its energy. Homeopathy sees a spiritual connection in the material you drink with the illness. Faith healing sees a spiritual dimension to what ails you.

Western preventive medicine does some of this. Immunizations like the flu shot teach the Body how to fight the infection when it comes along. Public health measures such as ensuring safe drinking water and nutritious foods allow our bodies to grow and be healthy.. However Western public health is still trapped in the disease model. In fact it was pioneers in public health who helped to establish the disease model.

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What do you think of these ideas? How do you view health and illness?

As All Ways Seek Joy,

Coach Dr. Dave

Author of the upcoming book, “Recipes for Lemonade (thriving through disability): Dr. Dave’s personal recipe”


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