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If you don’t like challenges, you’ll never thrive.

Life is full of challenges, but when a disability strikes there are even more. Then it can be challenging to like challenges.

If you don’t like challenges what are you to do?

You can crawl in your cave and hide, but cave dwelling went out of style a long time ago. I wonder why? Could it have been that caves are sort of cold, dark and damp?

Then maybe you could crawl out of the cave and enjoy the sun. There are so Many things you can enjoy when you take on the challenge of getting out of your cave.

This is how you start enjoying a challenge. Pick a simple challenge to start with, one that might even bring you some joy. Remember though, you need to realize that you took on a challenge and prevailed. Then remember how many days you couldn’t even do it?

Next you can set a bigger challenge like gathering some firewood while you’re out. That way you can warm your cave. Doing this will also light your cave and cook your food.

Next time you go out you might even see if you can get some food to cook on the fire.

After having the first hot meal in a while you can sit back and enjoy how it feels. You set some goals and now you are enjoying the benefits of taking them on.

Taking on too big a challenge can lead to failure and frustration. So set a simple challenge to begin. One that will reward you when it is done. It also needs to be measurable. So be sure to measure things like how long you are out of your cave, the amount of firewood harvested and the amount of food collected. I doubt that you will get fat and sluggish anytime soon.

While you are out of your cave you might also see other people and invite them to join you. That could be fun and might get you invited back to their caves.

But don’t focus on the fact that some days it might be cold and rainy when you leave your cave. As you collect firewood you will have to go farther and farther from the mouth of your cave. That means you will have accomplished more just to make the same fire each day. Celebrate that you are growing stronger and more capable by venturing out of your cave.

While you are out look around and see what else you might do. Can you set a goal for next week or month?

If you can do this you will learn to like challenges.

You will have:

  • taken on a real and achievable challenge
  • measured the challenge
  • enjoyed the feeling of success
  • gradually increased the difficulty of the challenge
  • shared the success of the challenges with others
  • set harder and harder challenges
  • Then you’ll learn to like challenges.

So why are you still in your cave?

What challenge did you meet today?

What challenge will you set for tomorrow?

As all Ways, Seek Joy,