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Ways to know your life is in transition

When your life is in transition your may or may not know it. Some times like when we have a sudden event like college graduation, it is obvious. A sudden illness or injury also gives us a date for the change.

Since transitions are not just changes but the emotional changes that result, it is less obvious.

В Here are some ways to know your change is a transition.

You find yourself thinking about the past. That can either be good or bad. We learn much by reflecting back upon what we have done and coming up with better ways to do things, next time.В When our thoughts get stuck upon how good things were, and hot how good they can become, we are not preparing for the future.

Our dreams about the past tell us about our unfinished business. Our dreams are openings into our subconscious minds.В If we are flying high we are feeling good about ourselves. When we dream about running scared, there is something scaring us.В Seriously bad scares come out as Post Traumatic Stress.

You feel sad or lack energy. Transitions often leave us uncertain as how to proceed. Feeling sad and listless means we might be depressed about our current situation.

When you try to do something you are unsure as to why or exactly how to do it.В This can either mean you are truly doing new things or you are afraid to complete the task.В When familiar tasks seem hard, we should ask ourselves why?

You feel that things are just too confusing. You are at a loss for what to do next. During a transition we often find ourselves “Lost in a Jungle”. We have lost the familiar of the past, but have not found the certainty of a way forward. This sort of uncertainty is normal. It lasts for a brief while with planned changes, but unplanned changes take more time. Here is where a coach             might help you to ask the big questions about your life. They can help you find your direction again.

Your life will lack purpose when you are in an unplanned transition. Here you did not have a new job or whatever ahead.

When you were in a life transition how did you feel?

As all Ways, Seek Joy,

Coach Dr. Dave

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Fourth of July a Celebration of transition?

On the Fourth of July we celebrate a transition, the founding of our nation. Starting with a Declaration of Independence in 1776 our nation struggled for 29 years. In that time they fought two wars and founded the nation twice. Yes twice did you forget the Articles of Confederation?

We often think that a momentous event like the founding of this great nation happened over night. Yet the Bombs burst over Fort McHenry during the war of 1812. Lest you try to correct my math, the war of 1812 ended in 1815, so we had not really fried ourselves from the yoke of colonial powers until then.

Enough history I really want to talk about change and transition.

What is the difference between a change and a Transition?

Changes happen all the time. We change close and think nothing of it. Yes we might ponder our decision and even regret it later. We rarely lose sleep over what we wear. Our founders might have Declared Independence and gone home, but they didn’t. They   pledged themselves to a transition. With that they were committed to a struggle.

Transitions involve struggle.В As young children we struggled to learn to put on our clothes. Our Parents celebrated when we mastered that task. We had made a transition towards adulthood.

Yet every parent recalls times when their child refused to put on their clothes. The child wanted the attention or something they had lost. Usually this happens when the parent is already running late.

The tendency to revert to the past is natural. Parents know that when a child regresses the child is stressed about something. It may just be the stress of a growth spurt, but it can also be about other matters.

When we find ourselves uncertain we revert to what has worked in the past. When I could no longer see to read, I welcomed education. I went to a School for the Blind. There I learned to use a screen reader to work with computers.

I used that knowledge to seek jobs. That search did not open doors. And I sought more education. I got a Masters in Public Health. That degree made me better suited to administrate medicine. Here the MD hindered me. Every time they saw the MD they either considered me overqualified or wanted me to do patient care. I love working with people, but I don’t want to hurt them. My limited eye sight stopped me again.

I was still “Lost in the Jungle” phase of a transition. Transitions have three phases; the Ending, Lost in the Jungle, and a New Beginning.

On the Fourth of July we celebrate all three phases of our nation’s transition from colony to nation. Those who wanted to live in a colony went to Canada. Those who stayed had to figure out who they would be. President Washington put down the “Whiskey Rebellion”. Finally we had to assert ourselves against England and France in the War of 1812. Since then we have been treated as an equal among nations.

Among ourselves we continue to define who we want to be. We fought The Civil War and the news continues to suggest internal conflict. In face our politicians argue about what they dream for our nation. Every election cycle that is one of the messages they try to tell voters.

Shane and Transitions occur in our Personal Lives

I have told you how the change in my eye sight forced me into a transition that has taken years.

Seeing how I and others struggle when a disability hits, would make others fear a disability. I have learned a lot about transitioning thru a disability. As a Disability Coach, I seek to make others journey in the Jungle easier.

On July 15th I will host a webinar explaining the process of transitioning from “Abel bodied to ABLE”

In this Webinar I will talk about the transition process. We start by focusing upon the loss, but find ourselves “Lost in a Jungle”. The old ways don’t work and we need new resources and direction. When we find that direction we start on a “New Beginning”. Yes a New Adventure awaits you when you find yourself no longer “Able Bodied”. Now you can be ABLE.

In the Webinar We will do some exercises to recognize amour losses and celebrate our past successes? Then we will start the journey into our “new beginnings”. If you want to learn more and sign up go to

If you know others who might benefit from this webinar share this blog with them.

What secrets have you found for transitioning to a “New Beginning” after a change in your health?

As All Ways, Seek Joy,

Coach Dr. Dave