Is it Raining on Your Parade?

Parades are for sunny days.
Parades are bands and kids,
Parades are floats and bikes,
Parades are horses and clowns.
Parades are people in crowds.
Parades are coming together,
Parades make spirits sore.

Parades happen because it’s time,
Parades happen because their fun,
Parades happen because we’re there,
Parades happen because we can,
Parades Happen because we surrender,
Parades happen for our souls.

We can make the floats,
The band can play,
The soldiers can march,
The crowds can watch.
We can feel safe,
We can strut our stuff,
We can connect in Love.

So where’s your stuff?
Your body aches,
Your eyes are dim,
Your ears don’t hear,
Your mind doesn’t think,
You feel alone,
Your soul’s in Pain.

So you’re not there,
You’re not aware,
You’re all alone,
You’re in your home,
Your soul despairs,
That no one cares.

Yet you can move,
You can sense,
You can hear,
You can think,
You can connect.
You can care,
You can pray,
Yet you’re not there.

Do you want to be alone?
Do you like the pain?
Do you like the dark?
Do you like the silence?
Do you like the thoughts?
Do you like being alone?
Do you like despair?

So come and join the Parade,
Come join the fun,
Come be in the sun,
Come be in the crowd,
Come feel the Love,
Come feed your soul!!!

What’s stopping you?
What do you fear?
Is it the fact that you aren’t “them?”

When were you them?
You’re not them,
You’re you!

So what will “you” do?
Will you shed the pain?
Will you see the sights?
Will you hear the sounds?
Will you think the thoughts?
Will you feel the Love?
Will your spirit sore?

So what’s raining on your Parade?

Can you smile?
Can you listen?
Can you pray?
Can you surrender?
Can you be present?
Can your soul connect?
Can you strut your stuff?
Can you have a Parade?

So where’s Your Parade?

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