Finally, Obama will make Americans healthier

For much of his presidency, president Obama has been focusing on providing health care for Americans. As a physician I know that saving one life at a time does little for making Americans healthier Obama care will just make Health care more lucrative. . This was the main outcome of Medicare and Medicaid, which started in the 1960’s.

In the 20th century Americans and others living in developed countries saw great increases in life expectancy. In 1900 the average life expectancy was in the mid-40’s, now it is in the mid-70s. Most of this has come from public health efforts and better nutrition. The public health at efforts included indoor plumbing and public sanitation. These we have come to expect wherever we go. Pub. Health efforts in food safety have also helped. We often hear of foodborne epidemics and recalls of certain food products.

However over the 20th century certain illnesses have become more common. When I went to school nobody had asthma. Now if your child doesn’t have asthma, several of their friends will. The increase in childhood asthma has been linked to air pollution. There are numerous examples of this throughout the world. But when air pollution increases we all suffer. How has air pollution affected you?

Doctors have long known that air pollution causes many health problems. That is why air pollution is now monitored and alerts given when it gets bad. When air pollution gets bad it is not just children that suffer. Air pollution irritates our eyes and makes it harder to see. Heart attacks and heart related deaths increase along with those of asthma and chronic lung disease. These illnesses cause absences from school and work. America and other industrial countries lose a lot in productivity.

Most of the pollution we suffer comes from the burning of fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuels has allowed us to live better. But who hasn’t noticed the exhaust from a car or truck? Air pollution also comes from the burning of coal to produce electricity. Thus electric cars will pollute less only of their electricity comes from clean sources.

Thus, America will be healthier not because of Obama care but because of the environmental initiatives he took this week, the press has made much of the global warming consequences of these actions. However, a much quicker benefit will be to the health of Americans. We will be able to breathe easier in our cities and towns.

As All Ways, Seek Joy,

coach Dr. Dave

author of the forthcoming book, “recipes for lemonade(thriving through disability ): Dr. Dave’s personal recipe”

WW enjoy health and life


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