Disability, an adventure requiring innovation

Seeing life as an adventure when Disability causes it to crash seems almost impossible. It takes innovation and effort. How might we get the energy to find adventure within Disability?

We used to like adventure. In fact theme parks and other vacation sellers promote it. Can adventure occur in our daily lives?

Where is the adventure of getting thru a day of misery?

Adventures are new and novel. If you do the same thing every day, no adventure exists. You end up with little hope or any prospect for a better tomorrow. When you think today is miserable why should you look forward to tomorrow?

Take this failed day and make it your springboard to a better life. Trash your failed strategies and innovate. .

Let Disability lead to innovation and adventure!

Disability means we can’t do things like others do. Even when we used to do things the same way others did, we now need to innovate.

We innovate by understanding what we are trying to do and collecting the materials to do it.

When I was a kid, I used to build houses out of blocks. I would first get the idea of what I wanted in the house and then I would spread out the blocks. Which pieces would make for a good foundation? What pieces would help to outline the door and windows? Which blocks would top the window or door? How would I make the roof slant and not collapse? There were different pieces that worked best for the different purposes.

In getting thru each day we have many options, too. Have you ever stopped to consider what those options are?

I just paused and for a minute was overwhelmed. So let’s take a brief look at them.

First we have to get our bodies going. That means putting our night time things behind us. Physically we have to get out of bed and change clothes. So dressing becomes a tool to get us thru the day.

Then most of us wash our faces and care for our bodies. That means self-care.

Next we eat and drink. Food and hydration are essential tools. Our bodies are about half water. Most of the things that happen in our bodies happen with water. Thus adequate amounts of water are essential for proper functioning of our bodies. Don’t worry, our kidneys are designed to fine tune our water balance. They can’t work if they don’t have enough water. So drink as much water as you can during the day.

Our food provides the nutrients that our bodies need. Many of us don’t get the variety of foods that will provide all those nutrients. The traditional Western diet seems to not be as balanced as our bodies would like. A diet higher in fresh vegetables and fruits provides a better balance for our bodies.

To help our bodies use those nutrients we need to exercise. When we are stationary blood tends to sit in our muscles and other organs. By moving and exercising that blood moves about and the stuff that pooled around and in our cells also moves. Our bodies get to re-balance the fluids in and around the cells.

Stretching our bodies moves the fluids around. Getting the muscles to contract and relax with more vigorous exercise gets the materials that have accumulated in the cells to rebalance. Our muscles are like coiled springs. In their normal state they are tense and ready to contract. If they sit in the ready position too long they become stretched and like a spring will not release as much as they could. Thus they need to be put thru their paces.

After exercise we all feel the need to rest. Some rest and rehydration will let our bodies complete the rebalancing.

Times of rest are good opportunities to exercise our minds. Like our muscles, brains need exercise to function best. This is where we can innovate. We can ponder the things that don’t work well. What might we do differently? How might those new ways lead to better outcomes? Maybe we need to use these times to read or study.

Reading and study are just two ways to let the outside world in. Meditation also lets the world in, and communicates with our brains. While most prayer is a semiconscious dialogue with what is spiritual. Meditation opens our minds more fully. If you don’t know how, I would suggest that you look for training in meditation.

There is a more immediate source of energy and innovation. That is friends. They have different experiences and abilities. What can they provide?

Life Coaches will push you to look in new directions. They are skilled in asking the questions we are afraid to ask. Those questions get us looking in new directions. That can be a major source of innovation and adventure. They also help us to see the attitudes and beliefs that disable us.

For some of the things that disable us there are medications. Medications help to restore or maintain the balance our bodies need. When I was a physician it seemed that was all people wanted. Now as a life coach I see that there are so many other tools to get us out of Disability.

Which one will you choose to try first?

Then when you get out of Disability, were will you go?

For most of us our pre-Disability lives failed us in many ways. Using the pause that Disability provides can let us overcome them in our future lives. Here too life coaching can help. But, that is a topic for another blog, or many blogs.

As all Ways, Seek Joy,

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