An Invitation to Journey Beyond Disability

An Invitation

I would like to invite you on a journey with me. For some of you this journey may be very difficult. For others who have taken it before it might seem easy. In many ways it is a journey we all must take at some point in our lives. This is a journey through disability into what can be joy filled abundance beyond.

I want you to join me on this journey because it will be richer for both of us. I have made this journey several times and thus can serve as our guide. Your input and experience as we go will be a great help to both of us. We will enjoy the journey more by inviting friends to join us, so share this if you wish.

We will start out as we all do naГЇvely and innocently. The path we take contains roadblocks. We will have to find a way around over under or through these roadblocks. These roadblocks can take many forms each of us will find it takes a different form. That is why your experience will help me understand more about how to bring more people upon this journey.

After we leave the space of innocence we will find our resources tested. For me this came in the form of the loss of eyesight. Others have found the barrier to be painful or fatiguing. I have been on the other side of these illnesses. I know people who can find joy filled abundance in the life beyond. The resources you find to get you into that joy filled abundance can help others. Before we finally arrive at the joy filled abundance we will also have to traverse a new beginning. As we journey through the barrier we will not be able to return to our innocence. Until we find that joy filled abundance each of us may wish to return to the place of innocence. I hope we can enjoy the journey as well as the destination itself.

Your comments as readers of this newsletter or blog will be invaluable. So that I may help others as they take this journey, I will be trying to keep a written record of our travels. I have created a website especially for this purpose. You may sign up for this journey by subscribing for this blog. I hope to see you there in the coming weeks.

Dave Moseman, M.D.

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